Free and Natural Energy – The Mystery Solved

Inventor Gerard Morin has come up with what appears to be a possible variant of the QMoGen that may shed light on how the QMoGens work.

He says he has been studying Tesla AC power for 15 years, with special focus in the past 10 months.

He says it is not the same thing as typical AC current. He calls it “radiant watts” and says Tesla claimed, “Radiant Watts will not kill you.”

His system includes two 18-volt AC batteries (for recharging tools; 1.1 A-h), hooked up in series to make 32 volts; turns small motor ~4,000 rpm, which turns a small “modulator” (not “generator”), with no brushes, no friction; typically capable of 30 watts.

“I’m making the current manifest itself. It’s natural energy — pure electrons.”

His demonstrations include:

  • Powering 1000 lumens LED bulb designed for 120-V, 60 Hz
  • Powers pancake 60-V, DC motor, with brushes, experimental, from China, rated at 500-W output requiring 2,000 W input to power it, with DC volts and 20 Amps. With a step-up transformer, Gerard powers it with his small generator, turning it at ~4600 rpm.
  • Two step-up transformers (double-stepping), produces 400,000 V, shown by arcing.
    • Running the current/power through himself, he powers a fish tank bulb.
  • Burned out fluorescent bulbs/tubes light up.
  • Heats up Ceramic(?) magnets to over 200 F using voltage.

Adds a set of magnets to two sides of the motor, and the output changes from 136 V to 154 V.

Says a higher power magnet arrangement could power his house.

“There’s no patent involved. This technology has to go to everybody in the world.” [1]

The heart of the “modulator” is a ceramic magnet. It just entails oscillation of a magnetic field, spinning at a high rate to create the oscillation.

“It’s really easy to do.”

I take issue with his claim that the power companies are ripping us off because as much energy is coming into the home as is going back to the power company, as if current were currency, and the net tally were zero — so why are they charging for net zero?

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Gerard Morin — Pure Energy Systems Wiki

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