Chaos & Division on Demand in Ferguson, MO

What’s happening right now in front our eyes is like watching a movie. Did you know that this has all been expertly planned, organized, scripted and timed? Did you know that Obama is set to announce his executive amnesty Thursday night and none of the main networks are going to carry the speech? Did you know that there are outlets now reporting they think, oh so coincidentally, that the grand jury is going to come back with its decision Friday? (So certainly no one will be paying attention to that pesky amnesty part…)

This whole thing in Ferguson is set to go, on purpose, right on time, as the agenda has been scripted. It doesn’t even matter what the grand jury decides now. The Missouri governor has preemptively declared a state of emergency and called out the national guard before the grand jury has even decided in the Michael Brown case. They have pushed everyone’s buttons, set the endgame and it has worked. Martial law, anyone?

The powers that shouldn’t be are pulling all the strings in Ferguson and across the country people are allowing themselves to become little puppets for another Hegelian Dialectic puppet show.


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