Millions of Kenyan Women Given Vaccines Covertly Laced with Anti-Fertility Agent

The HCG infertility vaccine has struck again, this time in Kenya where over a million women and girls of childbearing age have been given a tetanus shot laced with an anti-fertility agent that will make them unable to get pregnant or cause miscarriages if they are pregnant.

The vaccination program was targeted only at women and girls of childbearing age who were required to take a whopping FIVE shots over the course of two years. Similar covert sterilization programs via the same tetanus vaccine have surfaced throughout other parts of the developing world, including Thailand, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines.

Even though Kenya’s Catholic bishops have sent six of these vaccine samples to two different independent labs which came back positive that the shots were laced with HCG — which will essentially make a woman create antibodies to their own pregnancy hormones — the Kenyan government has ignored the evidence and will continue to vaccinate another 1.3 million women (and somewhere over at The World Bank, horrible troll people bent on world domination and depopulation are high-fiving…)

The vaccine is sponsored by the World Health Organization and Unicef, which is pretty telling considering that the WHO is one of the first organizations to create and test an infertility vaccine back in the 1980s. As we show in the video, these vaccines actually go all the way back to the sixties when The Rockefeller Foundation started funding research into creating one…


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