Biggest SCAM In Canadian History! Ottawa Shooting 100% STAGED DRILL

The purported shooting of a Canadian soldier on guard at the Ottawa parliament building is a complete fraud. This is easy to prove. Upon even a cursory review staging is clearly evident. There is no way to stage a real, spontaneous shooting. It’s either staged or real: never both.

Staging is clearly evident in the following photo. There is supposedly a medical emergency; a Canadian soldier is down. Yet, who is attending to him? It’s not the EMTs or Fire. Instead, it is regular people, along with service-people. How does this make sense to anyone in this world? Too, there are people merely standing about in the background. No one is acting as if there is an emergency.  The regular people, including the service-people, are an obstruction; it is so the cameras cannot reveal what is going on.

Medically, it is even more corrupt, as the huddle of non-medical people are acting as an impediment to the potential appropriate treatment of the downed individual. The gunshot victim could die outright, because of their role in obstructing the scene.


Then, there is the red matter on the pavement. What is it doing there? It isn’t coming from any visible part of this body, like the right leg:


Notice, too, the color of the skin of Cirillo’s leg; it’s normal; there is no evidence of blood loss, here. Nor is there even the slightest degree of blood splatter seen.

However, later, upon placing him on the stretcher this is what is seen:


It’s purple paint, the same kind of material used in all the other fakes. It is, no doubt, not real arterial spurt, therefore, confirming the hoax.

Let’s return to the staging scene. What is revealed is incredible:


Here comes the signaling agent in charge; it would appear that the fraudsters are ready to transport the fake wounded:


It cannot be said for sure what that is, presumably in a plastic container; it could be fake blood. Yet, what is on the pavement is more clear:


Clearly, rather than real blood this is red paint, and it’s position has no relation to the presumed injured.


The hoaxers did make the scene appear as realistic as possible, with the gurney-associated chest compression routine. The man in black sure is pressing hard in his attempt to simulate chest compressions.


There are making it appear as if it is an emergency, striving ever so hard to give substance to this fraud.


That purple color is typical of phony blood; it looks as if it has been poured on. It’s water-soluble, by the way, and you can make it in your own blender.

Here is another shade of color for fake blood, similar to that seen on the pavement:


Stain-free water-soluble fake paint is just what the parliamentarians ordered; surely, they don’t want to stain up their glorious center for pomp and buffoonery.


He really is pushing down on the man’s body, yet, oddly, it appears that the compression thumps are rather than in the mid-line or towards the left are right-sided.

‘Hey, there’s a fanatical ‘Muslim’ gunman, a Jewish fellow who is now radicalized into Islam, in the Parliament building. Let’s get him, before he gets us.’


Proof of staging is confirmed with an assessment of the purported Parliament building shooting. Supposedly, the shooter was gunned down in this building. It’s this man that they were supposedly charging after:


There are all manner of people in the hallway, where the ‘gunfire’ is happening. Does anyone see this scarf-bearing man anywhere?


Why are they looking over at the camera if there is a gunman down the hall? In fact, they are looking about in all directions.


Is he shooting at the floor or what? It’s no matter. They were just firing blanks. There is no gun flash to be seen anywhere.


Bang, bang; but nothing happens. There is no gun flash seen anywhere.


The hall is obviously empty. The only way they could hit anyone is through friendly fire. The far end of the image now lightened up, tint added:


There is absolutely nobody there. What kind of ‘Muslim insurgent’ is this to just stand in the middle of the hallway so he could get gunned down in a hail of bullets. If the Zionist agent Michael Hall was really there, why didn’t they show his freshly gunned down body? They are showing people supposedly shooting it up inside the Parliament? Why the hesitation to show the gore: the blood, the blood splatter, and/or the corpse?

Now, watch the big man in the center. He’s the chief hoaxer in the group.


Mr. Masonic Temple Master raises his fist in the air to signal the ending of the drill.


Fist high in the air, as is demonstrated on the video, it all goes quiet; there is no more sound of blanks or fake bullets.


Moreover, here is the man, the hero of the day, Sargent-of-Arms Kevin Vickers:

He was given a standing ovation in great halls of that building; he was the star of the show who gunned down the boogeyman (of course, he gunned down no one; it is all a lie).

Vickers does a fair job of staying stoical, while a minister smirks in the background.

What are these storm troopers needed for? Why? The crazed gunman has already been plugged full of bullets. Vickers took care of it. SWAT is useless.


What a most sophomoric, supercilious attempt at a hoax it is, once again, makes a demand. Canadians, leave the hoaxing of such fakes to the American-based Zionists. The hack jobs committed by the Canadians are just too readily revealed. The least the Harper government could do would be to make it a bit more challenging, like Sandy Hook which took at least a few weeks to unravel.



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UPDATE: 11/01/2014 – SMOKING GUN: Fake CPR!!! Ottawa Shooting Hoax Officially BLOWN WIDE OPEN!

CASE CLOSED. Get this out!!!!!…………

‘Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: What A Coincidence – Canadian Authorities Ran War Game Drills Depicting “ISIS” Attack Scenarios!’

Government Envisages Anti-Constitutional Surveillance Law During Ottawa Shooting

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