Ray Seidler was the First EPA Scientist to Study GMOs; Here’s His Message to Anyone Who Thinks They’re Safe

The constant refrain of the pro-GMO industry is that “science” is on their side while those in the GMO Free movement are “anti-science,” operating mostly on emotion.

But the truth of the matter is that several prominent scientists ranging from David Hawkins to Ray Seidler, the first EPA scientist to study them in the 1980s, have urged caution with the relatively new and environmentally destructive technology that also has been implicated in many potential health problems.

With two showdowns looming in Colorado and Oregon over GMO labeling bills (that basically amount to millions and millions of big agrochemical dollars on the “No” sides vs. grassroots activists and smaller company donations on the “Yes” sides), Seidler is sending a message about the health concerns surrounding GMO crops.

Do you think we should have the right to know what’s in our food? Nationwide polls have consistently shown that 90+ percent of people want to know if it’s GMO when deceptive advertising is not involved, and the pioneering former EPA scientist is officially one of them.

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