The Manipulation Of Pacific Northwest Storms

The total disruption of the storm track that feeds into the US has been the norm for many years now, the unprecedented drought in the West is one of the results. The HAARP report is doing an exceptional job of documenting the details of the manipulation that is being carried out. The power that is being exercised over Earth’s life support systems should be extremely alarming to all. We must all work together in the challenge of shining the light on the global climate engineering insanity.

This is PROOF of a Haarp downburst, which stopped rain from reaching Oregon. The drought, on the west coast, is being maintained by these Haarp attacks. Here is a list of the proof shown in this video:
1) Sudden, clockwise rotation is absolute proof of falling air, or high pressure (high pressure prevents rain).
2) A circular ring of dry air, forms, and moves outward, marking the zone of high pressure.
3) There is absolutely NO natural explanation for the sudden appearance of clockwise flow, or high pressure in that location, at that time.
4) Thunderstorms in the center of the circular high pressure are squashed.
5) The surface winds, and jetstream winds, make it impossible for a high pressure to form in that location.
6) The circular ring of dry air, expands at a steady rate, and keeps it’s original shape, proving it is a roll cloud, or “smoke ring”, of enclosed dry air.
7) A sudden, downward, pulse of dry air is the only thing that can create that type of dry air roll cloud.
8) The location, and movement, of the thunderstorm complex proves it was targeted, to stop rain from entering Oregon.
9) The vertical velocity map confirms a circular ring of falling air, at that location, at that time.
10) The circular, expanding, ring of dry air triggers the development of a strong thunderstorm, proving it has the lift energy of a roll cloud.
11) No other part of the disorganized cloud mass received a High pressure downburst, since no other part was bringing rain onshore.
12) The Haarp downburst roll cloud was hidden on the visible light map, by a cotton candy cloud, photoshopped on top of the thunderstorm complex.

The HAARP Report


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