Who are THEY

Just a little short anti-nwo poem. Thanks for watching.

“Who are THEY

They are the ones in control..
They are the ones that have been foretold

They lurk in the shadows… Behind the curtain
Keeping us in the dark, that you can be certain

They mold and shape our mind..
so that we may never shine

They wrote our history books..
So that we may never know where to look

They prey upon our apathy, in a plot you can’t untwist,
policing how you think and feel, they tighten an iron fist

They create our distractions.. so they may prepare for the coming attractions
All the worlds a stage, we are trapped in in this cage

They are the men who built America
They are the men who will destroy it

Power is their currency, their DNA
as they hide in plain sight, we wither away

They are the masters of deception,
their media creating lies, since it’s inception
telling lies to your vision, it’s called programing for a reason

They are behind the big charade
blackmail , deceit, treason, their stock and trade

They are behind the ageless plot
knowing they will never be caught
unless we stir up the pot

Who are they..
They, are who you should never obey”

SPECIAL THANKS to emmgui for this beautiful guitar addition of Zack Hemsey’s “The Way”. Visit his channel for some good guitar sounds!

(Red Pill Revolution)

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