Irish Senator Gives An Eye Opening Speech On Gaza

Senator David Norris is an Irish academic, senator and civil rights activist. He’s been credited with a number of successes, including overthrowing the anti-homosexuality law in 1988 after a fourteen-year campaign.

A video of him has popped up on the world wide web and seems to be getting lots of attention. In it, he condemns Israel for their actions in Gaza, expressing how he feels they are defying the world and using the Holocaust to justify what they are doing.

The issue here is one that we must all critically examine, what your mainstream media networks present to you is probably not going to help you understand what is really happening. Bottom line, the human being that is pulling the trigger and pressing that button, is the one that must stop. War cannot happen without the brainwashing of those who are sought after in order to participate in it. It’s the human being alone that must have a change of heart, a shift in consciousness in order for anything to change.

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