The Rosicrucian Science of Initiation

Dr. Robert Gilbert Speaking at The Vesica Institute on the subject of the Rosicrucian Science of Initiation and the work of Inner Alchemy.

The use of the term Rosicrucian here does not refer to any organisation in particular but to the Rosicrucian tradition generally and features extrapolations from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

Some of the topics covered:
3 Types of Initiates
The one creation from the mind of God
The 3 types of spiritual beings
The structure of the human being
Initiation and Inner Alchemy
Evolution and Consciousness
7 Stages of Classical Initiation
The 7 stages of higher knowledge
Initiation Practices

A fascinating lecture revealing much knowledge and many nuggets of wisdom.

The Vesica Institute has an excellent series of videos on the Rosicrucian Science of Initiation. This lecture, delivered by Robert Gilbert from The Vesica Institutes “Essential Teachings and Practices of Spiritual Science” course.

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