Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 Hoax Exposed

Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 False Flag Hoax Exposed.

The Crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 is a Hoax! Witnesses Say Bodies Had Practically ‘No Blood’, Already Smelled Badly! Malaysian Plane Crash Video Shows Ground Explosion, Not Missile Explosion In Air! “Like the crisis actor hoaxers in America, Kenya, and England a number of Ukrainians gave false witness to the phony M17 crash in the attempt to give substance to this Zionist fraud.”


Family members just lost their loved ones, but they never shed a tear and want to be interviewed immediately on corporate mainstream news about the MH17 situation. The video below contains strong language, due to the treasonous lies being perpetrated by multiple governments and mainstream media outlets.

According to “How could the acclaimed crash of a Malaysian Airlines 777 over the skies of Ukraine be anything other than a false flag act, considering the date of the supposed event, July 17, the same day as the ground and tank invasion of the Gaza strip?

MH17 Passports
Pristine passports and one passport that has a triangular cut that proves it’s no longer valid.

“MH17 Dyczynski Show” Rolls On – Fraud Exposed As An Actor

Peekay22 exposes the Zionist Dyczynski family in this staged MH17 hoax. It seems like it is all about them and no one else. How anyone can believe these 2 flew to the crash site via Amsterdam to look for their supposed daughter a day after arriving back home to Australia from overseas is beyond me. And this when investigators from Australia and Netherlands and other countries took 2 weeks to get there due to a supposed war zone.
This family are frauds used to pump the bullshit lie about this whole hoax.
Watch to the end as we expose the daughter Fatima as being an absolute fraud.

This is a follow on from video “Aussie Helpers Not Allowed in War Zone??? Well Please Explain This!!! ”……

Malaysian Plane Crash Video Shows Ground Explosion, Not Missile Explosion In Air!

Malaysian Plane Crash Video Shows Ground Explosion, Not Missile Explosion In Air! All the video footage is showing the same thing. A huge black plume of smoke from the crash! How can that be if it was blown apart in the sky? Have you ever witnessed another plane hit with a missile at 30,000 feet? The debris don’t just fall down to the exact same spot on earth either, From 33,000 feet!

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Vid 1 TeamWakeEmUP

Vid 2 Free Radio Revolution ULTIMATE!

Vid 3 Peekay22

Vid 4 DAHBOO77

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