SKYSCRATCH – The Geoengineering/Chemtrail Cover Up (Documentary)

Paulstal Service created this documentary and placed it up in four segments. Red Pill Revolution recreated the documentary to give you one complete video. We will place each segments description so as to show exact wording intended by Paulstal Service on his excellent work.

Part 1 of Skyscratch looks into the media’s fear-mongering methods used to scare the population into begging for “solutions”. The social engineering techniques using fear utilized to work the people of the Earth into a tizzy, begging to get their skies sprayed, and get taxed more.

This program of propaganda is decades in the making, with the first fear-mongering report issued by Jessica Savitch back in 1983.. The tone hasn’t changed since Jessica first scared the public though, still using the same term “catastrophic” and saying disaster will occur usually within a decade.

This fear-mongering campaign is just the precursor to the aerial spraying programs the public will have been primed to accept and even beg for.

Skyscratch – The Geoengineering / Chemtrail Cover Up Part 2/4

Looking at how the climate has in fact always changed, and has been much colder and warmer than it is now. We are leaving an ice age, and the expected trend would be a warmer climate. Warmer climates have always been associated with boom times for humanity.

This part of the video goes into the sobering reality that the Holocene Epoch and even the Medieval Warm period were warmer than today, periods of time when CO2 from humans could not be the cause. Greenland was able to grow crops during this period of time and grapes grew in Northern England.

Why the media refuses to admit this obvious fact and admit that the climate has always changed when doing their global warming fear-mongering campaign is obvious. They don’t want the public using logic and understanding the history of climate change. If they did, they wouldn’t go along with the sky-spraying and global tax agenda.

This segment didn’t upload correctly, and was banned worldwide due to the BBC “Global Dimming” piece, I have submitted a counter-claim, so now it’s showing up, we’ll see what the end result is.

Part 3 of Skyscratch, looking into some weather people’s reports regarding strange happenings in the sky showing up on radar.. and finishing with some short clips from the BBC documentary talking about how the sunlight has become much dimmer than it ever was before for “some strange reason” and how this is reducing evaporation.

Skyscratch – The Geoengineering / Chemtrail Cover Up Part 4/4

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