Baskin-Robbins Heir Speaks Out Against Dairy Industry

John Robbins was, in his own words,

born into ice cream.

He was the only son of Irv Robbins, who, along with his uncle Burt Baskin, founded Baskin-Robbins, which became one of the world’s largest ice cream companies.

As a young man in his 20s, John Robbins switched to a plant-based diet after learning how dairy products harm the human body. He has since authored several books on nutrition and is considered a leader in the sustainable living movement.

When John Robbins saw his father’s partner and his uncle Burt Baskin die prematurely from a heart attack, he first considered the connection between dairy consumption and heart disease (his father remained in denial).

Though family traditions mean a lot, it is important to speak up when you know something isn’t right. John Robbins walked away from billions of dollars to do just that. It doesn’t mean he didn’t respect his father — on the contrary, he showed great concern for his father’s health and the health of others. His willingness to stand up for his beliefs at any cost should set an example for us all.

And there’s always Italian ice.


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