Social Experiment: Man Falls Down And Cries For Help Dressed 2 Different Ways, The Results Are Shocking

Watch this short video to see how people have become so de-sensitized to others, even to those in obvious distress…….would YOU have helped the first guy?

 It is often said that we are becoming a more selfish and self centred society. In France a recent experiment put this to the test. They filmed two identical scenarios where a guy falls down in a crowded street, in broad daylight, in pain and in obvious distress. He lies on the floor crying for help.

In the first case the guy is dressed shabbily and obviously gives people the impression that he is nothing more than a drunken bum.
The second video is the same guy, but this time dressed in a sharp suit and looking professional. Shockingly the outcomes were entirely different and show how quickly we judge others purely on appearance. This video can really make you think and possibly save your life. Just think, you could be having an off day, you throw on whatever’s close to the door and pop to the shop only to have a health problem along the way and passout. But, you didn’t dress in a suit and tie, so anything else people could just think you are a drunk bum? It’s pretty scary really. I mean, I know there are a lot of scary drunks out there rolling around in the parks of cities worldwide, but even so, these people are sick and need help. It’s not going to hurt to simply stop and ask if they are ok. Even if you have to get the attention of others before approaching them, at least then you are doing something.
Please share with everyone – we need to wake up and learn to help each other if we want this world to become a better place.

Would YOU have helped the first guy……..?

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