Even Fed Chair Janet Yellen Admits America Is an Oligarchy

The head of the Federal Reserve just basically admitted that the UNITED STATES is an oligarchy — where wealth is concentrated into the hands of the few rich elitists in the billionaire class and all the real power in the country has concentrated with it. Average, everyday citizens have a negligible amount of say in what goes on in the U.S. and the policies that effect their daily lives.

If you really need a study to tell you that, see this one fresh out via Princeton and Northwestern University which found, “When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

Full Study: http://www.princeton.edu/~mgilens/Gil…

Source: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/susan… (includes Yellen testimony video…if you like watching shows that feature bridge trolls).

Here’s Sanders’ full question, with a harrowing description of our nation as an oligarchy, with stats and Yellen’s response:

(Truthstream Media)

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