A Car that Runs on Metal, Air and Water

Israeli tech start-up Phinergy has produced a car that runs on aluminum, air and water, giving this electric vehicle a 1,000 mile range per tank.

Phinergy is a leading developer of breakthrough, zero emission, high energy density systems based on metal air energy technologies, mainly Aluminum-Air and Zinc-Air. Unlike conventional batteries that carry oxygen, these batteries freely breathe oxygen from the ambient air to release the energy contained in metals. – Phinergy.com

People need to realize that this type of technology has been hidden for a long time now by the powers that shouldn’t be. Take a look at suppressed inventors such as Troy Reed who built an electric car with a magnetic motor, that didn’t need to be recharged to operate, and Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell powered vehicle that could travel 3,000 miles on a twenty-two gallon tank of water.

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