How to STOP existing and start LIVING

Ralph Smart talks about how to stop existing and start living. Transcript follows:

How to stop existing and start living. This is what helped me along my journey because the underlying theme of all my videos is to feel better, and live better. And to talk to a stranger, go on holiday – stop living in our comfort zones. I found my freedom right there because a lot of us we are stuck and it doesn’t feel good to be stuck.

I see living as stepping into the radical action and existing is where we have the paralysis, the negative block with thinking, with twisting, with turning. But living is where we absorb ourselves a hundred percent into the present moment where we start forming positive relationships. You can be in love because love is all about expansion, not just with one person but with the whole of humanity. 

We can set ourselves a new challenge that’s what I’m doing along my journey because when I’m skating every day I want to learn a new trick.  When I’m studying, I want a new idea to shake my belief system.

Exercising, moving our body that helps us feel alive. Eating beautiful plant based foods help us feel alive. I always ask people: what is the meaning of life?  For me, the meaning of life is what you make it.

And right now on the planet there is a New Earth consciousness, where people are asking the big questions because people are in search of a better quality of life.  And, for me, it’s about rediscovering what matters most.  Why did I come to planet Earth?  What is my purpose?  What is my mission? I found it, and everyday I am in that momentum – always pushing- breaking down boundaries.

What up discovered is that it’s all a mindset: we live in the world we are thinking of.  And, it’s all an attitude.  We all have 24 hours in the day. I’d choose to be in front of the Sun raising the frequency.  But we have to see and become aware of the choices we are making.

And negative mind state versus a positive mindset – what is the difference? It is just a choice. But we have to see the power of our attitude in helping us become the greatest versions of ourselves.

Psychoneuroimmunology  (that’s the big word of the day) – how our psychology affects our immune system.  We have to become aware that our attitude affects our blood chemistry. So to start living what I’ve done along my journey is to become more conscious of the attitude that I have.

I’ll tell you a secret what I tell my clients who are dealing with anxiety or depression: you live in the world you are thinking of of.  So what you do is make a list of your dominant thoughts without judgment.  Once you have a list of thoughts which are no longer serving you, you will see that they are all based around fear.  So the secret is to become best friends with fear.

 We don’t run away from fear – we hug feared.  That way we transform our fears into our deepest desires.  When we can become neutral and not judgmental to how we are feeling, then we start to live. Because as long as we are in resistance, we see that resistance makes stronger.  

It’s not easy being yourself right now on the world stage because it’s all a stage (the whole world is a stage). So tapping into a true authenticity I say get uncomfortable about being who you truly are.  Just be yourself if people stare, let them stare.  Give them something to think about. 

But, it’s a beautiful day and every day I am all about connecting with those who remind me who I am, because nobody is an island.  We have a great opportunity to make this world even better – all of us. 

We are here in front of the sunshine. I’m going to go out embrace nature, because once you embrace nature you start to feel alive.  You start to see that we are made from the same fabric as the universe. 

Right now I am not into so much technology as I used to be. I am seeing that nature and our bodies are the original technology.  Always see that what you have to offer the world has value.

Live your life with passion!  That’s what I tell myself every day because once you have that passion, then you start to live and you stop existing.

We are here in nature – Infinite Waters Diving Deep once again. Stay well.  Stay healthy.  Peace.

(Infinite Waters)

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