Warning: Obama's NSA "Reforms" Could Make Everything Worse

I’m getting a little sick of seeing my taxpayer dollars go not toward fixing ecological disasters (Fukushima, the Gulf oil spill, etc) that threaten the US food supply or toward improving US infrastructure or education – but instead go toward increased surveillance of OUR OWN FELLOW CITIZENS at home, in clear violation of US law, and against everything this country stands for. We are, quite literally, paying our government to spy on us and treat us all as criminals… rather than citizens, with inalienable rights and with a 4th Amendment protected right to privacy. Who is watching the watchers today? Because it seems even Congress is unable to rein in a spy industry gone crazy.

I was optimistic about Obama’s much awaited NSA reforms, but after reading some of the credible analysis, it appears this is just yet another PR stunt from an administration that can’t seem to say “no” to drones, surveillance, and fear.



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