Malaysian Airline Missing Flight 370 Conspiracy Theory Opens Up

One would be wise to listen to CNN’s Richard Quest in which he not only ADMITS to having flown weeks ago with the missing Malaysian air co-pilot (see Instagram pic below video of the two together) but ALSO drops a bombshell Freudian slip at the 30 second mark where he named a bunch of countries that were involved in a ‘coordinated attack’ while trying to say ‘attempt’.

“One of the more bizarre coincides in the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is the fact CNN airline and aviation correspondent Richard Quest met with the co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid, weeks before the plane’s disappearance.

It was part of a taping Quest was doing in February for CNN Business Traveler, and it hasn’t aired yet on CNN. Hamid, a 27-year-old first officer, was taking part in a training session, flying from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur.”

Why did Richard Quest REALLY take a flight with this missing Malaysian Air co-pilot only a short time ago? What are the odds? Why the Freudian slip, Richard? This is certainly providing more fodder for the truth seekers who cannot help but see something sinister in this video and this entire event. From Stephanie Sledge at The Government Rag.:

Finally, some game changing questions emerged, bright and early Monday morning, when I tuned the internet dial to The Power Hour Radio Show with Joyce Riley, airing on the Genesis Communications Network.

Within the first 15 minutes, Riley made some startling comments live on the air. She said, “there is a connection, a direct connection (in my opinion), with CNN and what’s happening in the Malaysian aircraft.

Riley and her co-host JD, continued on and raised some very alarming questions and brought forth some interesting facts that have not been asked around any of the media platforms when new information was aired on CNN with Richard Quest, who is labeled as an Aeronautical Specialist Reporter for CNN, had filmed a segment of his Business Traveler show on a similar flight and flew with missing first officer/co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, of MH370 prior to the event.

Riley goes on to say in the program that Richard Quest used to be a Hollywood celebrity reporter, then he moved into a financial reporter, and now is being labeled as an Aeronautical  reporter. She voiced concerns because so many things have been taken place and it appears that the reporting is taking the lead with the words, terrorism and the demonization of Malaysia. Could this be the beginning of another reason to dialogue towards more terrorism and war?

Malaysian Airline Missing Flight 370 Conspiracy Theory Opens Up

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