Populace of Las Vegas Sprayed with Chemicals at Night Caught on Radar

Astonishingly, we now see proof that the people of America are being sprayed like cockroaches at night.

On the night of March 4, going into the morning of Wednesday, March 5, 2014, the city was bombarded by chemtrails released from militarized aircraft conducting geoengineering applications and possibly even entomological warfare on the citizens of Nevada. This was pointed out by YouTuber “dutchsinse” who located signs of scalar resonance and cloud seeding.

In the video’s description dutchsinse wrote what he saw in the radar imagery:

“Multiple aircraft leaving man-made clouds which were then imaged, and pulsed by the National Weather Service via their NEXRAD RADAR stations, seen for multiple hours via multiple stations across Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.”

“Look at that aerosol distribution going right out over Vegas”, dutchsinse went on to point out in the video.

Interestingly, dutchsinse also points out in his video how the public’s version is edited without the chemtails in view, demonstrating the diabolic nature of the National Weather Service itself as they strive to cover up such experiments.





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