Congressman Tells Reporter on Hot Mic “I’ll Break You in Half”

A congressman is caught on camera telling a reporter that he will “break him in half” and throw him off the balcony.

WASHINGTON — Congressman Michael Grimm of New York has issued an apology to the reporter who he threatened during an interview following this weeks state of the union address.

Michael Scotto, a reporter for New York cable news station NY1, asked Grimm about a Justice Department investigation into his campaign finances, a scandal that has been recently bringing a great deal of attention to the congressman.

When asked about the scandal, grim lost control and made some seriously violent threats at the reporter.

Grimm told Scotto, “You ever do that to me again I’ll throw you off this f*%$ing balcony. Ill break you in half like a little boy” 

Grimm innitially issued a statement saying he was “extremely annoyed” with Scotto and doubted he was the “first member of Congress to tell off a reporter.”

However, once the video began making rounds on the internet, Grimm changed his tune, issuing a full public apology, and apparently calling the reporter on the phone to apologize personally.

He told the Washington Post: “I’m a human being and sometimes your emotions get the better of you and the bottom line though is it shouldn’t happen, you shouldn’t lose your cool and that’s why I apologized.”

It is likely that these types of encounters between politicians and reporters are not rare, it is just rare for this to occur while the camera is rolling.

(Via Intellihub)

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