WATCH: Incredible Rescue of Man Who Somehow Survived 3 Days at Ocean’s Bottom

The Nigerian man miraculously survived by breathing oxygen in a small air pocket in sunken ship.

In an amazing story of human survival, a Nigerian cook, Harrison Odjegba Okene, survived three days at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, before he was found and rescued.

The dramatic rescue operation which occured in May was caught on camera by DCN Diving and has recently been released and is going viral.

Okene was a chef on the Jascon 4, an oil company’s ship, when it capsized and sunk 100 feet into the ocean off the coast of Nigeria due to heavy ocean swells, Huff Post reported.

Divers from the Dutch company subsequently went looking for dead bodies in the submerged wreckage and were shocked to discover Okene alive. They used hot water to warm him up and attached oxygen masks to him before retuning him to the surface, The Guardian reported.

Okene was able to survive by breathing oxygen in a small air pocket and drinking only coca cola.  The conditions were so severe that the salt water had begun to take off skin from his body and tongue, according to BBC.

Source: AlterNet

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