Super Typhoon Haiyan was Created by a Microwave Beam Pulse

YouTuber dutchsinse recently pointed out in a video posted on Nov. 8th, how it’s likely that a “microwave beam pulse” actually triggered the massive tropical storm Haiyan in a swath of the Pacific ocean just before the Philippine Islands were decimated by what some media is reporting as “the strongest storm ever to form”.

Just after the pulse “we see rotations begin to develop” said dutchsinse, explaining to his YouTube viewers how it’s very likely that the deadly typhoon Haiyan was engineered. Later on in the video dutchsinse points out that the pulse probably originates from U.S. facilities in northern outposts such as “Missile Defense Space Command”, “Stanford VLF”. Dutch points out that there is not much in China.

Were the Philippine Islands Attacked by an Advanced U.S. Weather Weapon?

At this time it’s just speculation. However, you may be on to something Dutch.

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