Brevard Deputies Claim Photography “is a Crime” When Arresting PINAC Editor

Brevard County Sherriff’s deputies tried their best to intimidate PINAC editor Jeff Gray from video recording a traffic stop last month before they lost all patience and slapped the camera phone out of his hand, telling him that photography “is a crime” after he informed them he was working for Photography is Not a Crime.

But little did they know he had a back-up camera on his ear, which picked up the action after his iPhone had shattered on the sidewalk.

And when they pulled that off him as they were shoving him in the back of a patrol car, his body-mounted audio recorder picked up the action.

They probably didn’t realize what the latter recorder was because they returned it to his wife as they ordered her out of the parking lot under threat of arrest, also probably not realizing that Gray had set up a fourth recording device, a dash cam inside his car, that recorded the video we saw last month.

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