Secret of Secrets: The Elixir of Life, Hiding in the Bible

It’s no secret that the ancient Mystery schools, which were hidden by the Roman Christian Church, used a kind of magical and poetical picture language, within which they hid complex and multi-layered metaphors and allegories, to teach students about the real meaning of life, which is self realisation within their own bodies ~ the holographic microcosm of the macrocosm (the universe and all it holds).

Because that knowledge has been lost, we are now having to recover it again, and using different ways to do it. The totally brilliant Santos Bonacci has made it his life’s work and although his delivery style and presentational skills could do with a bit of work, if you can see through all that, his videos provide an outstanding and astounding exposition of the understories of the Bible.

Here he is explaining about the true meaning of Holy Grail, and how it is available to each one of us. There are two parts, and part 1 leads automatically into part 2. There is also a fascinating decoding of Da Vinci’s last supper.

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