Mark Boyle – The Moneyless Man

During a philosophical evening conversation about the many troubles in the world, Mark Boyle realized that each of the many issues he was discussing with his friend shared a common root cause: money. Inspired by Mahatma Ghandi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” Mark, then a successful businessman, resolved to live for a year without spending or receiving any hard cash. After successfully living moneyless for a whole year, Mark decided to continue living like that for two further years. As he now claims, this turned out to be the most fulfilling period of his life.

“I’ve now have more friends in my community than ever, I haven’t been ill since I began, and I’ve never felt fitter. I’ve found that friendship, not money, is real security. Most western poverty is psychological. Real independence is interdependence.”

Since that experience, Mark authored two books: The Moneyless Man and The Moneyless Manifesto. In these books, he described his experience of living moneyless and provided a guide for reducing society’s dependence on money; he donated all the profits he made through the books to charity. Furthermore, Mark is the founder of the free economy movement, an alternative economy that has been adopted by local groups all across the world. Mark continues to spread his message that we need to change the way we live. He strongly believes that we are addicted to money and our obsession with it is leading to the destruction of our planet. Moreover, he is of the opinion that we need to live in harmony and live in a sustainable manner; in other words in a more “heartfelt” and “loving” way. He stresses out that we need to do this now, before it is too late. As he says, we are all part of the story, so we need to be part of the change. A very important message indeed.

Sources: Moneyless Manifesto, Huffington Post, Permaculture

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