Alongside Common Core, Feds Will Vacuum Up Data on Kids

Veteran educator Mary Black explains how, contrary to establishment claims, Common Core and the federal government’s broader education “reform” agenda will indeed vacuum up huge amounts of information on American children for data-mining and other purposes.

Alongside the highly controversial nationalization of education via the Obama administration-backed “Common Core,” the federal government is bribing and bullying state governments into collecting huge amounts of private data on students for use by the U.S. Department of Education and other bureaucracies. Despite establishment efforts to downplay the links, the outrage surrounding both schemes — removing local control of schooling through dubious national standards and vacuuming up information on America’s children — continues to grow nationwide.

In another short video about Common Core, part of an ongoing series produced by The New American, veteran educator Mary Black outlines some of the facts surrounding the data-mining component of the establishment’s education “reform” agenda. According to Black, who has 40 years of teaching experience and serves as the student development director for the online K-12 school FreedomProject Education, the Common Core-linked information gathering on children is already happening on a huge scale — and it is set to get worse.

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