Using Orgonite To Combat Chemtrails & Toxic EMFs

The dangers of Chemtrails and a tutorial on how to make Orgonite to knock them out of the sky.

Protect against harmful EMF, Chemtrails and radiation. It’s a great meditation aid and emotional healer as well. Also, Orgonite is one of the most powerful stress shields one can buy. I recommend a few pieces outside and inside. Outside for chemtrails and inside for protection from harmful EMF. Also try meditating while holding Orgonite; it is incredibly effective to visualize and channel intent with that extra boost of energy.

My experience with Orgonite:

1. Removes Chemtrails
2. Protects you from radiation and harmful EMF
3. Supercharges Meditation
4. Significantly speeds up manifestation time (intention to reality)
5. Brings up toxic buried emotions to heal emotionally
6. Acts as a stress shield
7. Improves mood almost immediately with proximity

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