Evidence of Navy Yard False Flag Staged Event

The Navy Yard Shooting so far has provided ZERO evidence there actually was any sort of shooting in the building. There are cameras all over this particular piece of real-estate which should show EXACTLY what happened inside the building- yet these have never been shown, or talked about or even mentioned on the media.

BOMBSHELL: SWAT Team Told to ‘Stand Down’ at Navy Yard Shooting

First reports came that suspected shooter Aaron Alexis had filed a police report on Aug. 7 claiming he was being targeted with microwave weapons and was hearing voices through the walls, ceiling and floor of his hotel room. Then reports came out that Alexis carved “My ELF Weapon” and “Better off this way” into his shotgun before the killings. NOW the BBC is reporting the Containment and Emergency Response Team or CERT team was told to “stand down” when they could have been on scene at the Navy Yard in under 15 minutes after the shootings began. This is bombshell…

BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/24153252
New TSM article: http://truthstreammedia.com/my-elf-we…

Busted! Proof of Crisis Actors at D.C. Naval Yard False Flag Shooting!

Crisis actors caught laughing during the so-called shooting event. This should show you that the Navy Yard is another staged lie perpetrated by the U.S. Gov and Mainstream Media.

LOOK! 3 Articles Posted Day Before D.C. Navy Yard Shooting!

This is proof of the pre packaged news by the AP!

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