CBC News host insinuates 14-year-old girl is a shill for campaigning against GMOs

In a clip that can only be described as strange, Kevin O’Leary, pro-GMO host of “The Lang & O’Leary Exhcange” on CBC News, insinuates that 14-year-old anti-GMO activist Rachel Parent is a shill.

Parent spoke at one of the many March Against Monsanto protests around the world and has become part of the growing movement questioning the safety of genetically modified foods.

While that moment, seen around 11 minutes and 31 seconds into the clip, was indeed quite strange, even more surprising was the moment when O’Leary responded to Parent’s calls for long-term studies by stating, “We’re in a long term study. You’re eating genetically modified food whether you like it or not.”

“We’re the lab rats,” his co-host interjected.

Just some two minutes after O’Leary insinuated that Parent may be a shill, his co-host said, “I just want to say that we have no evidence and may want to withdraw the accusation that you’re a shill.”

Source: End The Lie.com

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