Technology Enhances Control: The Impact of Science on Society

Rulers want to marginalize their competitors and control their populations; so
why would science be used for the betterment of the many?

Think about it.

The next time you hear grandiose claims about how much some philanthropist plans to save us all with science, ask yourself why Tesla’s free energy plan was kept from the world, but corporate agriscience is forced upon
populations everywhere…

It has often been assumed that technology is magically in our hands for our betterment and delight. But insider authors including Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Jaques Ellul and Edward Bernays have all made clear that these are tools that make centralized control easier and more omnipresent.

The rise of the Scientific Dictatorship, which Russell describes in his 1952 Impact of Science on Society, puts individual freedom under threat, and society under the thumb of scientists working for the rulers. Technological aids
for controlling fertility, genetically altering agriculture, people and animals, and for advancing the weapons of war are all discussed. Each of these examples and many more all strengthen, not weaken, the power handed to the

Bertrand Russell: World Government or ‘Extinction of Humanity’

Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of, where this article first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.

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