World's # 1 Podcaster Adam Carolla "Doesn't Care" About NSA Crimes: Here's Why He Should

Adam Carolla is a talented, driven guy. He’s a family man who enjoys racing and collecting expensive cars. He also has the world’s #1 podcast. With nearly 60 million individual podcast downloads from 2009 – 2011, The Adam Carolla Show officially captured the title of the “World’s #1 Podcast”, a title it holds to this day. Given his vast audience and his regular appearances on shows like Fox News “The O’Reilly Factor’, Carolla’s voice yields some power in the court of public opinion. Which is what makes the June 7th, 2013 broadcast of the Adam Carolla Show particularly noteworthy. During the news segment of the show, while talking about the revelations of NSA crimes against the American people, Adam came to a quick shocking conclusion, “I don’t care.” Guests Seth Rogan and Adam Goldberg along with daily contributor Alison Rosen quickly agreed.

But this story isn’t really about Adam Carolla. We’re just using his take on the NSA’s vast crimes to paint a much bigger picture. This is the story is about an American public at large who for the most part feels the same way as Adam does. They DON’T CARE.

Here’s WHY they SHOULD care.

[Warning: Some foul language.]

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