Miss USA Contestants Promote NSA Spy Grid

In this fitting example of the conditioning to never question authority which pervades popular culture and public schools, Miss Alabama, who holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations with a minor in communications, has this to say about Big Brother:

“I think that the society that we live in today, it’s sad that if we go to the movies, or to the airport, to even to the mall that we have to worry about our safety. So I would rather someone track my telephone messages and feel safe wherever I go, than feel like they’re, umm, encroaching on my privacy.”

The eventual winner of the pageant also has this to say about forcing suspects (not yet convicted of any crime) to provide DNA upon arrest:

“I would agree with this. I think that if somebody’s being prosecuted and is . . . committed a crime that’s that severe that they should have a DNA test. I think there are so many crimes going on in this world that if that’s one step closer to figuring out who has done it, I think we should absolutely do so.”

Authority that is just is defined through its restraints; the removal of such restraints leads to authority enslaving, rather than serving, the people. Always question authority to determine, rather than assume, that is it just.

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