The Symbolism behind the 2012 Summer Olympic "Ritual" Ceremonies

The controlled mainstream media forcibly feeds us with lies and propaganda, that we don’t even realize we are participants in live rituals.

The Opening Ritual Ceremony

An Investigative look into the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony and the symbolism which seems to be pointing to a possible WW3 and the Return of the Lord. Although nobody knows the date or hour of when Christ is set to return, it is evident that the ‘elite’ are planning for the arrival of their ‘Dark Knight’.

A lot of people have been asking if i could give an overview of the ritual which took place at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. This is just my interpretation of what went on using biblical references but nothing should be taken as “fact” so feel free to research for yourself and add anything I may have missed. Not everyone shares the same views so please respect others beliefs and feel free to join in the discussion 🙂

The Closing Ceremony Ritual – Occult Symbolism

A lot of people agree that the Closing Ceremony was a huge and blatant satanic ritual performed by the Illuminati, but they find strong resistance in skeptics and naysayers, due of the lack of knowledge they have of how the occult like to use their symbolism. So hopefully the video will help break the spell you have been under and help you to see clearly, maybe for the very first time.
Know that this is an interpretation from a biblical perspective so feel free to research everything i say for yourself.

Symbolism behind the Paralympic 2012 Opening Ceremony

The Third installment of my ‘Ceremony EXPOSED’ series. This part looks into that creepy Paralympic ceremony, which probably contained the most obvious use of symbolism during these Olympic Games that we’ve seen so far. You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist or a truth seeker to have noticed the clear masonic references that ran all throughout this ceremony… But hopefully this video will dig into the parts that you may have missed out.

The Paralympic Closing Ceremony: A Dedication to the Sun God (Illuminati Ritual) WW3

A look behind the deep symbolism hidden within the Paralympic Closing Ceremony and how it all links with what’s currently happening around the world. Was this Dark Ritual a sign for what’s to come? I’ll let you decide…

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