Global Epidemic Exposed – Television Sigil Magik

This is the single most powerful tool being used against the consciousness of mankind today. The television has always been and still is… a WEAPON ! Stop pointing it at your face and turning it on. It is worse than “bad for you” … it is possessing your spirit (soul). This is high majik which is even becoming recognized by so-called main stream science as of late under the term Bio-Geometry. However, this “new” science is purely ANCIENT majik. When studying bio-geometry one realizes that sigil / pentacle / talisman majik can and is being used for positive results through pro-intention. This simply means that like everything else, majik may be used for good or evil. This sigil blaque majik in television / main stream media is being used in a negative way to control and keep low the consciousness of humans.
One more thing to grasp…everything is majik. YOU have the power in YOUR own mind to create anything. This is the reason you are being attacked on every front. It is YOU who are powerful. “Their” ONLY power is to deceive you.

None are more deceived than the deceivers.

Go to for this video and lots of research material on this topic.

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