Exxon – Energy Everywhere

America’s oil industry is terribly misunderstood. When a lot of people hear “364 pipeline spills in 2012” they think it’s a big mess, like a nearly realized advent calendar of crap. What they fail to see is a revolutionary energy distribution system about to achieve NATIONWIDE COVERAGE.

And remember, that’s not just gas or oil flowing through the streets of Arkansas–it’s dilbit, the thick toxic hydrocarbon stew produced by tarsands. So roam wherever, and take your energy source with you! That s–t is sticky as hell, it’s not like you’re going to be able to get it off.

Learn more about Keystone XL here.

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Writer/DIrector: Andy Cobb
Producer: Mike Damanskis
Production Assistant: Ric Rosario

Music by Kevin MacLeod & LP
Thank you to The Second City and Mark Bade

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