CNN Exposed For Filming Fake News

CNN caught faking news coverage from the Gulf War.

“Laural & Hardy” CRISIS ACTORS

During George H.W. Bush’s 1991 Gulf War, CNN would broadcast phony “live” coverage from Saudi Arabia day after day and the TV audience never suspected a thing.

It was no secret to media insiders that Jaco and crew never left the CNN studio but corporate media conspired to keep this deception a secret by agreeing not to “investigate” their own lies.

Nobody watching TV could imagine that Jaco, his crew, the CNN anchor and even Wolf Blitzer were laughing and joking about reporting phony news behind the backs of millions of American taxpayers.

In 2013 this media deception is much more sophisticated. Today, the Crisis Actor industry flourishes with their alleged mission to provide “realism” in drills and exercises for first responders.

CNN BUSTED! AGAIN more Fake videos from the Libya, Syria conflict.

The government-media is now so fake that they don’t even bother to edit the footage to sound correct, they never tell the truth of what is really going on. ALL mainstream media is manipulated to show a false reality, don’t believe me look for yourself I have and it only showed me how true all the manipulation is.

Anderson Cooper Busted for using green screen pretending he was at the fake Sandy Hook funeral.

Anderson Cooper’s disappearing nose and unedited sound clicks from editing mistake at CNN.

CNN Anchors Fake a Satellite Interview in the Same Parking Lot!

If this don’t show you how big of a sham CNN and the MSM are, then i don’t know what will! Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield keep a straight face, only standing within 50 feet of each other while faking a satellite interview!


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