John Coleman: The Committee of 300

Dr John Coleman former MI5 officer saw the reality while serving in Angola, MI5 was not fighting communism, they were instilling it.

John Coleman has not been seen nor heard of since 1996, that is of course with the exception of Alex Jones, the man at the helm of the Texas branch of MI6 who is the only man to whom they would have us believe Dr Coleman trusts to speak with.

John states that the National Reconnaissance Agency is the supreme Intelligence operation in the US and is the machine of the Venetian Party of the North, to which King George III was its head at the time of the War of Independence.

The Venetians of course are the Carolingian warrior cast who defeated the last stand against the Cluny feudal system in Saxony, when the Hohenstaufen’s were defeated by the Black Guelphs, which today can be seen in the entire raft of Monarchs sitting in Europe and beyond, though it must be noted the monarch of Norway is said not to be a member of the highest levels of this agenda.

John Coleman states Free Trade to be the child of the Venetian Party of the North also, which through the Marxist hero Adam Smith was sanctioned as a viable policy for trade while purposefully failing to present the reality of the fact it meant free to trade for the Empire against any and all small private enterprise, as such perhaps the means to the creation of the global multinational corporations now ready to take full control under statute, of the worlds contingency systems.

At the time John was big on the American Constitution, yet we now know this to be a constitution for the elites as we know the same to be so in Britain, in Britain rights stop below the Freeman and in our ignorance we the British have assumed we are all freemen on these lands, as such we are, but legally under statute we are no such thing, (the Magna Carta is a statutory agreement), the people have no rights as they are serfs. That said it only takes a little tweaking and the two constitutions operate in the correct manner so all is not lost.

In the defence of Dr Coleman’s honour, it would perhaps be rather more sinister if everything he stated was to be absolute and provably so, we are all learning as we move on our paths of revelation and upon that basis it would a folly to dismiss John and his work as it would be counterproductive to learning the truth.

It is also worth noting the fact when it comes to the East India Companies, specifically the Dutch and the British, it appears it was the Dutch which held the real reigns of power with the British acting as it’s front.

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