Robert Welch's Speech in 1974 Predicting Insiders Plans to Destroy America

Proof that the New World Order has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today’s problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul’s positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty.

On March 9, 1974, some 19 years after presiding over the first meeting of The John Birch Society, Robert Welch stood and addressed leaders and members of the JBS gathered in Los Angeles for one of the organization’s council dinners. In fact, Welch delivered two speeches that night, and his predictions were so accurate that they sound as if they could have been spoken by Ron Paul last week. Presented below are a few of Welch’s insights from those 1974 speeches.

First, Welch begins by reminding the audience of a few points he made at the founding meeting of the JBS in 1958, regarding the plan of what he called “Insiders” to assume control of the United States.

“A part of that plan, of course, is to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty, step by step and piece by piece, to various international organizations of which the United Nations is the outstanding but far from the only example,” Welch began.

In just the past few months, The New American has chronicled time and again the efforts by many of our own elected leaders to subvert the Constitution and grant lawmaking and policymaking authority to various international bureaucracies, including the United Nations.

Whether it be the push toward adoption of Agenda 21, the signing off on treaties calling for the end of private weapon ownership, or the right to regulate the Internet, many on Capitol HIll and in state capitals nationwide are willingly offering their sovereignty on the altar of globalism where the United Nations serves as the chief high priest.

Next, Welch listed the ways the Constitution and sovereignty would be brought to ruin in the United States: “Greatly expanded government spending.”

The accomplishment of this goal is so commonly understood it hardly needs evidence. Every year the federal operating budget increases greatly over the year before. In 2011, for example, federal spending topped $3.8 billion and on November 16, as reported by CNS News, “Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Friday that Congress should stop placing legal limits on the amount of money the government can borrow and effectively lift the debt limit to infinity.” [Emphasis added.]

“Higher and then much higher taxes.”

When the various taxes are aggregated (local, state, and federal), Americans pay over 50 percent of their income in taxes.

“An increasingly unbalanced budget despite the higher taxes.”

Again, Welch is right. Read this story from Fox News published on November 14, 2012:

The federal government started the 2013 budget year with a $120 billion deficit, an indication that the nation is on a path to its fifth straight $1 trillion-plus deficit.

Another soaring deficit puts added pressure on President Barack Obama and Congress to seek a budget deal in the coming weeks.

The Treasury Department said Tuesday that the October deficit — the gap between the government’s tax revenue and its spending — was 22 percent higher than the same month last year.

Tax revenue increased to $184.3 billion — 13 percent greater than the same month last year. Still, spending also rose to $304.3 billion, a 16.4 percent jump. The budget year begins on Oct. 1. Officials said last year’s figures were held down by a quirk in the calendar: the first day of October fell on a Saturday, which resulted in some benefits being paid in September 2011.

“Wild inflation of our currency.”

Inflation of the United States’ fiat currency has been manipulated since 1913 by the Federal Reserve to suit the needs of the monied interests that control it. Boom and busts cycles perpetuated by the Fed expand then deflate the value of the dollar, simultaneously creating economic chaos for Americans while granting greater control to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors who promote themselves as the only means of managing the mayhem.

In a later article, we will examine the rest of Robert Welch’s 1974 speech and provide accompanying evidence from today’s headlines of the almost unbelievable accuracy of his predictions.

“It was under Wilson, of course, that the first huge parts of the Marxist program, such as the progressive income tax, were incorporated into the American system.

And it was under Wilson that the first great propaganda slogan was coined and emblazoned everywhere, to make Americans start thinking favorably of democracies and forget that we had a republic.” -Robert W. Welch, Jr.

Source: The New American

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