Agendas of The Global Elite

Richard D. Hall is joined by one of the truth movements most powerful forces, Ian R. Crane and the extremely well read “mind control” researcher Neil Sanders. Anyone with half a brain capable of critical analysis can see that our named “democratic leaders” are actually puppets of a hidden hierarchy of power. Mainstream media does not analyse or critiscise this power structure, because they are tools of it. The global elite are responsible for the biggest decisions effecting humanity, and most people are completely oblivious to it. Who are they and what are their agendas?

Most people are not aware of the invisible control techniques being applied to humanity. These controls are not necessarily even known about by members of our government. Much of the control of the populaces minds lurks behind organisations we never see. Intelligence agencies with their psychological operations and control of the media. Tavistock Institute with it’s control of art, music, drugs and hence the masses. Direct forms of mind controld being practiced by the CIA, NSA and other such dodgy groups. Psychotronics, hypnosis, drugs, the list goes on. Not to mention control of humanity through a contrived, fraudulent monetary system – keeping people enslaved in a prison they cannot see nor understand.

(Rich Planet)

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