Whistleblower releases US troop sacrifice video

A whistleblower’s video that hit YouTube over the weekend is sure to outrage many Americans already questioning foreign-policy and the legitimacy of the War on Terror.

Already being questioned as one of the worst foreign-policy disasters in American political history, with the advent of long-overdue admissions by the mainstream media about Bush administration falsifications in the run-up to the War on Terror, the more people continue to learn about what actually goes on in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan the worse those fabrications appear.

Once Wikileaks released the now infamous videos of innocent Iraqi civilians and journalists being gunned down by US warships in 2007, with soldiers openly relishing the brutally dehumanizing murders as they were being committed, the reality of war shocked the entire country and the way in which the US and its allies were engaging innocents in other countries brought the entire war into question.

A video of what appears to be a US troop sacrifice was released by whistleblower in the US military, showing al Qaeda or locals planting an IED in front of a US troop vehicle convoy that was never warned of the impending trap.
Credits: Youtube / Dahboo Knight

Even the UN has been raising concerns about human rights violations that occurred in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, after it became public that prisoners of war, many found to be totally innocent, were being systematically abused, tortured and sometimes murdered by US troops while in captivity.

The blood pressure of those already frustrated by the circumstances could have only gone up once the news broke that members of the Obama administration and the Justice Department watched Amb. Stephens and a few of his colleagues die from a live drone video feed and never bothered to call in backup.

But perhaps nothing is sure to raise doubts about what’s actually going on overseas than the (attached) video that surfaced on YouTube over the weekend, one that many will actually get to see for themselves.

If true, what appears to unfold is the frightening realization (for those that don’t already know) that not even US or allied troops are held as sacred and, as often claimed by many in the alternative media, are often used as a tool or an excuse for the need for further occupation or the war’s ultimate perpetuation.

According to the video’s narrator, the footage was released by a whistleblower in the military, much like Bradley Manning, for the purposes of shedding light on the truth about what goes on behind the scenes in the so-called War on “Terror.”

As described on the video, much like what happened in Benghazi last summer, a feed taken by a drone over a 24 hour time period shows either Al Qaeda or locals planting an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), in preparation for an oncoming convoy of either US or allied troops or related contractor’s vehicles.

Despite the entire scene playing out over a live video feed, the oncoming convoy was never alerted to the approaching danger and was allowed to roll right into the trap. The result was the devastation of the vehicle that ran over the IED and the possible injuries or deaths of those on or near the horrific explosion.

The individual responsible for exposing the video is making an appeal that all those with the ability to copy or mirror the video do so in hopes of forcing it’s ultimate virility, so that it too makes as much of an impact as did the videos Bradley Manning and Wikileaks released.

Source: examiner.com


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