Architects of Control: Mass Control and Future of Mankind (Full Documentary)

No human being who is in their center can be manipulated.

The delusion that is continually worked on by the global elite, the grinder against intelligent people is the focal point of creating human slaves. The endgame of control over the entire world’s population is the endeavor of the global elite, however, where does the individual play into it? Michael Tsarion, film producer, discusses the ways in which we buy into the lie that they purvey on us. As we are motivated from birth to be automatons whose sole purpose is to keep the machine running, it’s all a stage of enslavement that an awakening can occur.

  • Are we willing to fully wake up?
  • Are we willing to accept the lie of the controlled habitat we were born into?
  • Are we able to perceive the truth about the outside world, realize everything we know is a lie and be brave enough to walk away from the co-dependency we were bred to perpetuate?

Part 2)

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