9/11 Video and Radar Analysis

On the day of 9/11 the North tower was “struck” first. There is only one piece of film footage known to have recorded this event. The second “impact” was recorded by between 50 and 60 different video cameras, each having a different viewing perspective of the same event. Even though there are so many recordings of what happened, the evidence in these recordings casts huge doubt over whether boeing 767’s were used in the attacks. Other non video evidence also supports the “no planes” hypothesis. In this film Richard D. Hall analyses all of the video footage of the alleged second impact and compares what was seen on video with a 3 dimensional computer model of the World Trade Centre and surrounding area.

The findings of this film bring us one step closer to the truth about how 9/11 was carried out. A major finding is uncovered in the analysis which shows official radar data recorded by the military was different to that reported in a civilian radar report. The discrepancy suggests one of these sets of data is bogus and sheds light on how the illusion may have been created. It seems 9/11 was a highly organised, technologically sophisticated psychological operation which fooled half the world. Not only was advanced technology being deployed in the form of an energy weapon to “dematerialize” the towers, but further advanced technology may also have been used to create the visual illusion of passenger airplanes in the sky. The detailed 3D video and radar analysis is presented in part two of this video.

In parts one and three, Richard D. Hall is joined by Andrew Johnson for a discussion on the 9/11 video evidence and possible attempts to keep people from finding the real truth about the technology used. A truth which orchestrators of 9/11 are continuing to divert people away from.

This video was brought to you by Richard D. Hall from RICHPLANET.NET

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