Sirhan, The Manchurian Candidate, & CIA Mind Control Experiments

These are video excerpts from “Evidence of Revision”, a 6-DVD, 10 hour long documentary series that presents suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the public concerning the assassination of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King Jr., the war in Vietnam, CIA mind control programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre. The complete series “Evidence of Revision” can be viewed on youtube.

Excerpts for this video “Sirhan, The Manchurian Candidate, & CIA Mind Control Experiments” are borrowed from “Evidence of Revision, Part 5”.

“…If anybody gets assassinated: ‘Lone, crazed killer.’ ‘Communist, lone, crazed killer.’ These murders have almost always been plots, but: ‘Oh, no, you’re not a conspiracy theorist? Oh my, you must believe in flying saucers!’ Well, EVERYTHING in the United States is a conspiracy, haven’t we figured that out yet? When there’s the tobacco companies saying, ‘Smoke Lucky Strikes, because then you’ll be healthy.’ I mean, everyone conspires to cheat the people, and conspires to seize power. What is a political party, but a conspiracy to seize the power of the state? Any child can work that one out.” ‒Gore Vidal

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